About Me

Welcome to my music production company website. I’m David Brant, I own Vybrant Music. I’m an established published songwriter and music producer based in London, UK. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve had major success in the music industry, on a worldwide scale.

I’ve gained many No.1, No.2 & Top 10 hit records, both in singles & album charts, throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. I’ve been lucky enough to earn multiple Platinum & Gold BPI Awards for my writing and production, helping artists break through into the mainstream.


Recent News


回: Song of the Sirens – GFriend

July 2020 release. 回: Song of the Sirens E.P by K-pop girl group – GFriend. Co-write on Track #2: 눈의 시간 – Eye of the Storm. The E.P has already hit the iTunes chart with a bang, peaking top 10 worldwide on the iTunes K-Pop charts in July 2020.


Naomi Wang -Te Quiero

Jan 2019 – Chinese talent show Produce 101 contestant Naomi Wang (Wang Ju) releases ‘Te Queiro’ hitting #5 in the China Billboard chart. Naomi was quite a controversial idol, being proud of not quite fitting into the cultural norms. She also was special guest alongside the team at QQMusic at 2019’s Grammy Awards!


Cai XuKun – Pull Up

Recently hit #1 on the Chinese QQ Music and Billboard charts with boyband Nine Percent lead singer Cai Xukun‘s (蔡徐坤) solo single ‘Pull Up‘ which I produced, co-wrote and published. The single remained at No.1 in the Billboard Chinese Video chart for 8 Weeks. The video has been viewed over 230 million times. The single has now also sold over 2 Million digital copies to date.

Typhoon Teens

October 2018 – brand new “trainee” boyband on the C-Pop scene and part of TF Entertainment. Their debut single which I co-wrote, is called ‘Wake Up’.

LOONA [+ +] - EP - Track #6 STYLISH

Co-wrote ‘Stylish‘ – track 6 on K-pop’s “Rookie” 12 piece girlband LOOΠΔ (이달의 소녀) debut EP  [+ +] which peaked at No.2 in the Korean charts and peaked at No.4 in the U.S worldwide chart in August. The [+ +] EP has also sold around 50k physical copies. In November 2018, LOOΠΔ went on to win the MTV EMA Awards category for Best Korean Act of 2018.

LuHan - The Moment
LuHan – The Moment

Also released in October 2018, comeback single The Moment‘ 时间停了by artist Lu Han (鹿晗) who is from boyband EXO. The song hit #1 in China Billboard charts and performed in many arenas around the country.

To The Nines album Cover
Nine Percent – To The Nines (Album)

In early November 2018, gained another cut with famous Chinese boyband Nine Percent (with Cai Xukun) released 1st single Rulebreaker, which has sold 400k copies alone, and is the lead single from their album To The Nines, which has to date, sold over 1 million digital copies!!

Past Successes

Mis-Teeq - Licking On Both Sides Special Edition
Mis-Teeq – Lickin On Both Sides

Include UK stars Mis-Teeq (Telstar) ‘Why?’ (#8 UK chart) and ‘All I Want’ (#2 UK chart), Mis-Teeq’s album ‘Lickin On Both Sides’ hit #3 in the UK charts soon after and sold Platinum (400k).

Nate James – Set The Tone

Nate James Set The Tone (EMI Japan/FroFunk) (125k copies), this debut album also hit the UK top 40 album charts. Nate was also nominated for the MOBO Best Newcomer and Best R&B Artist in 2005. Later in 2009, I produced Nate’s 3rd studio album – Revival which was an album full of classic soul, R&B and Disco covers, released via EMI in Japan.

Liberty X - Thinking It Over
Liberty X – Thinking It Over

Liberty X : I produced and co-wrote ‘I Got What You want’ on ‘Thinking It Over’ album (V2) (#3 album chart – x2 platinum sales (600k). Tony Santos single ‘Actitud’ & album ‘Alma Negra’ #1 in Spain (200k). #1 album ‘I Love You’ with Stewart Mac over 30 million streams on tencent.com in China (Gold Typhoon).

David is a full member of the Music Producers Guild