Welcome to your gateway to the Vybrant world of Music ✨ I’m David Brant, a seasoned songwriter and music producer based in London, UK. With over 25 years in the Music industry, I’ve carved out a significant musical presence across the globe.

My journey has been an exciting one, as a session keyboardist, programmer, drummer and fully trained audio engineer from the start, cutting my teeth and rubbing shoulders with the best in the business. So far my career has marked by notable achievements that have left a resounding impact. From securing top spots on UK and Billboard charts to crafting hit records that have dominated No.1, No.2, and Top 10 positions, my music has struck chords with audiences not only in the UK but also across Europe, North America, Australia, East and South East Asia.

My commitment to quality and innovative songwriting and music production has earned me multiple Platinum and Gold BPI Awards, a testament to my role in helping emerging artists break into the mainstream.

Through collaborative efforts with other writers and lyricists, I’ve honed my skills in both songwriting and production, shaping a modern sound that resonates with a wide range of listeners. I pride myself on nurturing talent, and building an artist’s career from the ground up.

Mis-Teeq - Licking On Both Sides Special Edition

Artists include: Mis-Teeq (Telstar), Liberty X (V2), Nate James (EMI), TOMOKI HIRATA (BMG, Konami & Diverse System) Stewart Mac (Gold Typhoon), Precious (Virgin), Jamie Scott (Sony), LOONA (Blockberry Ent.), GFriend, Lu Han (King Records), Nine Percent, F.TIsland (FNC), Faky (Avex), Naomi Wang, Cai Xu Kun, Koda Kumi (Avex), and many more.

Join me in the studio as we explore as here, professionalism meets passion, and the result is a collection of music that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of modern creativity.

David is a full member of the Ivors Academy, Music Producers Guild and the Musicians’ Union