Music Production – £Contact

I’ve produced, written, recorded and mastered an eclectic array of genres, including R&B, Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, Rock, Jazz, Drum & Bass (Jungle), Garage and EDM for many successful acts. I can co-write with you and your team, or I can take an existing song that needs production and turn it into a professional, impressive sounding, commercial product for your music project. All projects vary in time and complexity and attract a more bespoke budget.

Vocal recording, editing and mixing – £Contact

I have many years of experience working with vocalists of all ranges. I have a keen ear for harmonies and get a great vocal sound. Services range from vocal production, mixing, which includes tuning, aligning and creating a polished finished record vocal sound. Each person & song takes varying amounts of time to record, edit and perfect and budgets do vary.

Song Mixing – £Contact

If you already have a song produced, but are looking for a professional and experienced Mix engineer to mix your songs, then I can offer an unattended mixing service. Send me separate audio files (stems) of your song (via dropbox or wetransfer). Contact me to get a quote.

Mastering – £Contact

Provide us with mixed pre mastered audio files for mastering to commercial and streaming quality formats. We also do restoration, audio clean up work for film, TV, and online video production. RedBook CD / DDP formats for albums or E.Ps are also catered for. Contact me to get a quote.