Music Production – £POA

I’ve worked in an eclectic array of genres, including R&B, Pop, Rock and EDM for many successful acts. We can co-write or I can take an existing song that needs production and turn it into a professional, impressive sounding, commercial product for your music project. Please contact me to discuss rates, as all projects vary in time and complexity.

Vocal recording – £POA

If you have a backing track, or a demo that needs vocals. I have many years of experience working with vocalists of all ranges. I have a knack with harmonies and get a great sound. Please contact me to get a quote as each person & song takes varying amounts of time to record, edit and perfect.

Song Mixing – £POA

If you already have a song produced, but are looking for a professional ear to mix your songs, then I can offer an unattended mixing service. All you need to do is send me separate audio files (stems) of your song (via dropbox or wetransfer).

Mastering –  £POA

Mastering is an additional service I offer, where you already have a mixed product and needs mastering so it works on commercial formats, such as CD (DDP), Radio, and Digital, etc